Roz Plater
Journalist, Professor, Writer, Speaker, Documentary Segment Producer, and Voiceover Artist

Roz Plater is an Emmy Award-winning TV journalist, adjunct journalism professor, writer, speaker, documentary segment producer, and voiceover artist. She has a Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

For more than two decades, Roz has won numerous awards for her work as a television reporter and anchor. She worked at CBS 5 and NBC Bay Area in San Francisco. In Washington, D.C...she was the lead nightside reporter at FOX 5 and ABC 7/WJLA.

She has written dozens of health and science articles for The online health information website has more than 150 million readers per month. One of her articles on the COVID-19 pandemic was included in the pleadings of a California case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

When she has free time, Roz likes attending movie premieres, plays, art shows and cooking classes. (Her cooking skills are a work in progress.) She enjoys getting out and about with friends in the warm southern California weather. She’s passionate about traveling and is hoping to do a lot more of it soon!

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